My name is Enrico Murru, also known as Enreeco.

I'm a (ultra geek tech lover) mercenary software developer and Salesforce enthusiast.

I'm also a Spring '16 Salesforce MVP, and the first Italian ever nominated.

Creator of the ORGanizer, the #BestSalesforceBowserExtensionEver.

Organizer of the Milano and Cagliari Salesforce Developer Groups.

Read my Nerd @ Work dev blog.

From Cagliari (Italy) with Force.com!

That's it!

What I Do

I'm currently employed at Webresults as Salesforce Solution and Technical Architect.

Free time blog writer, collaborating with the Salesforce Developer Blog.

19x Salesforce certified expert (and counting).

Looking forward to become Finally I've become the first italian Force.com MVP

I'm also a formerly active Top Coder community member.


Certifications & Honors


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